Terms and Conditions

Customer Credit Application


The laboratory will provide and ship appropriate sampling containers, coolers, blue ice, and paperwork free of charge for shipment by UPS ground or equivalent. If overnight shipment is required, the client is responsible for the additional shipping surcharges. Furthermore, the client will be responsible: 1) for the cost of shipping samples to the laboratory; and 2) to ensure that all samples are delivered to the laboratory within required holding times and in appropriate containers. At the latest, samples with short EPA-required holding times must be received within 4 hours of the expiration of the holding time and no later than 4 hours prior to the close of business. Hours of operation are generally 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, although reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate receiving samples outside of these operating hours.

Sample Retention

Samples will be retained for up to 30 days after analysis at no charge. If requested by the client, samples will be retained beyond the 30 days, invoiced at a rate of $5/month/sample. Unused portions of hazardous samples will be returned to the client for disposal. Upon written request, unused portions of non-hazardous samples will be returned. Chemtech-Ford, Inc. reserves the right to forward the charge for return shipment to the client.

Turnaround Time (TAT)

Routine TAT normally requires 5-10 working days (depending upon the type of sample(s) and the scope of work) and begins from the moment of documented receipt at the laboratory. Certain types of analyses, such as bacteriological work, lend themselves to quicker TATs. More complex analytical work, such as that involving asbestos, radiochemistry, and extraordinary quality control or documentation may require a longer TAT. No promise is implied concerning TAT, but Chemtech-Ford, Inc. will, in good faith, direct all efforts to meet agreed-upon TATs. The availability of standard and accelerated TATs is also dependent upon current laboratory workload and the status of laboratory instrumentation.

Rush Analyses

If available and by prior notification and agreement only, rush analyses involving accelerated TATs may be instituted. The following rush multipliers are general guidelines for pricing above the given list price:

1-day (24 hours): 2.5x
2-day (48 hours): 2x
3-day (72 hours): 1.5x
4-5 days: 1.4x
6-9 days: 1.25x

Accelerated subcontracted analyses are subject to the rush surcharges of the subcontract laboratory. No promise is implied concerning rush TAT, but Chemtech-Ford, Inc. will, in good faith, direct all efforts to meeting agreed-to rush TATs. If the rush TAT is not achieved, the client is not responsible for the surcharge.


Fees listed herein are subject to change without notice. Written or non-binding verbal pricing quotations are available free of charge to requesting clients. Dependent upon the nature of the samples and/or sampling program, sample discounts or surcharges may apply and will be communicated prior to the initiation of analysis. The minimum fee for analytical services is $25.


Payment by cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) is required at sample submission. An account may also be established by submitting a credit application and gaining approval prior to the submission of samples. Credit terms are net 30 days, after which a 1.5% interest charge per month (18% per annum) will apply on any outstanding balance.

Quality Control Reporting

Chemtech-Ford, Inc. strictly adheres to the EPA and NELAP guidelines concerning quality control. All quality control documentation is kept on file for five years, although the QC raw data is routinely not provided with the standard reports unless requested by the client. If a client requests quality control measures beyond that nominally required by the EPA, NELAP, or standard laboratory procedure, a surcharge commensurate with the level of increased effort will apply.


Strict confidentiality is maintained at all levels regarding the samples and sample results of laboratory clients. Only the client or owner of the data – or a third party authorized by the client or owner – may receive any information regarding field samples submitted to the laboratory. This includes telephone, fax, mail, or electronic transmission of data in any form. Public and private drinking water and wastewater systems are directed under SDWA and CWA to report laboratory results of required analyses directly to the respective state or federal authority. Although Chemtech-Ford, Inc. does its best to accommodate all direct-reporting requests, the ultimate responsibility rests with the owner of the data. No data will be forwarded directly to the authorities unless specifically requested to do so by the client.

Limit of Liability

Although care and due diligence is taken in the performance of all analytical services, Chemtech-Ford, Inc.’s liability in all cases is limited to re-analysis at laboratory expense or refunding the analytical costs charged for the work performed.

Use of Name

Under no circumstances shall the names Chemtech-Ford, Inc., Chemtech, Ford, Chemtech Labs, Ford Labs, Chemtech-Ford Analytical Laboratories, or any combination or contraction thereof be published or otherwise utilized without express and prior written authorization from laboratory management.

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