A Quicker Test for Coliform and E. Coli

Traditionally analysis of coliform and E.Coli by the enzyme substrate methodology required the sample to sit in an incubator for a minimum of 24 hours. Newer technology is now available that will allow for the sample to be read back earlier.

Chemtech-Ford Laboratories has recently adopted this new technology, making it possible for samples set up later in the afternoon to be read back earlier the next day—sometimes as early as the noon hour. For the typical drinking water utility this may not seem like a big improvement, but for construction projects where every minute counts, this earlier readback could be quite useful.

To have your sample analyzed by the faster technology, you don’t have to do anything differently as a sampler. You use the same sample bottle and sample in the same manner. You do, however, need to be aware of a few logistical details.

Our affiliate lab in Orem, Timpview Laboratories, does not have the equipment nor the certification to use the faster-incubation technology. If you need your sample analyzed a little faster, you will need to have the sample to Timpview before 2pm so that it can make the trip to Chemtech with the daily courier run. If you miss the 2pm deadline and you still want the quicker methodology, you can drive the sample to our Sandy facility by 5 pm. Alternatively you can still drop it off at Timpview for the traditional 24-hour test.

Also be aware that we will not be running the quick-incubation test on Fridays, for samples received early in the morning or for samples where plate count (HPC) is also requested.

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