Partners and Affiliates

TNI – Laboratory Accreditation

The NELAC Institute (TNI) is a national laboratory accreditation program. Their mission is to foster the generation of environmental data of known and documented quality through an open, inclusive, and transparent process. TNI develops national standards to promote consistent technical and management practices to ensure that member laboratories produce data  that is of known and documented quality.

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UTELA – Laboratory Improvement

The Utah Environmental Laboratory Association (UTELA) helps laboratories improve laboratory management and data quality. They facilitate cooperation between member laboratories, accreditation bodies and regulatory agencies on issues regarding environmental regulations, analytical testing and data quality.

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AQS – Laboratory and Environmental Consulting

AQS provides a variety of environmental consulting and field services. Our analytical personnel have experience in all aspects of environmental testing – from project planning to data validation to laboratory operations. In addition, we develop innovative software tools to improve environmental data quality and data management.

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