Website Security

Image of locks refering to website security

Chemtech-Ford Laboratories offers our clients the ability to scan and retrieve their project reports via our Webdata portal connection.  Data can be searched for specific sample names, or parameters, and historical data evaluated.  Additionally, search results can be downloaded to your computer in a Microsoft Excel file with just the push of a button. These capabilities require website security in the form of SSL certificates.

The SSL certificate digitally binds a cryptographic key to the communication activity on our websites, and allows encrypted connections to take place between our servers and the client’s computer browser.  Hackers can not decrypt information on an SSL connection even if they were able to capture it.   SSL connections are typically used any time there are logins, financial transactions, or data transfers. All parts of the Chemtech website fall under a SSL security umbrella.

Chemtech strongly suggests that clients become more aware of whether you are dealing with unsecured websites as you move about on the web.  You can verify if you are on a secure connection by monitoring the URL box on your browser.  Most search engines will turn all or part of the text for a secure site URL green and the site address will begin with the prefix https://…  rather than http://…  You may begin to see warnings as you deal with unsecured websites as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. are beginning to notify users when a site is not secure.

Please be assured that we take website security seriously at Chemtech-Ford.