Timpview Laboratories Affiliates with Chemtech-Ford

New Business Partnership Announced



Chemtech-Ford, Inc., and Timpview Laboratories have made a joint announcement that they are combining forces effective May 1, 2017.  The partnership will allow the companies to provide extended analytical services to clients in the intermountain area.  Facilities operated by the two companies will remain the same until July when Timpview will relocate to different facilities in Orem, UT.  Contact information including telephones, email, and fax numbers will remain the same for both companies.

Timpview personnel will continue with Kyle Freeman as Site Manager, Joyce Applegate as Project Manager, and Cynamon Freeman in accounting.

Courier services will continue for both Chemtech-Ford and Timpview, but pickup routes will be consolidated and re-assigned for efficiency.

Questions can be directed to Chemtech-Ford at 801.262.7299 and to Timpview at 801.229.2282.