Drinking Water Information

Sampling botte used to submit sample for drinking water well test.


Chemtech-Ford offers comprehensive testing services for our drinking water utility clients.  Our services include a full battery of certified drinking water test capabilities as well as specialty services such as testing for Pharmaceuticals, Geosmin and toxic compounds produced by algae blooms.

Additionally, drinking water samples submitted to Chemtech-Ford can be transferred directly from our database to the Division of Drinking Water’s new CMDP (Compliance Monitoring Data Portal) for entry into SDWIS.



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Inorganic Test Parameters

Metals Test Parameters

Microbiological Parameters

Organic Test Parameters


Specialty Testing

Pharmaceutical Test Parameters

Geosmin & 2-MIB

Algae Test Parameters

Bottles, Preservatives, etc.

Sample Bottles, Holding Times, and Preservatives

Drinking Water Sample Monitoring Schedules

How to Use Your Utah Drinking Water Monitoring Schedule

Chain of Custody Forms

Editable forms to submit your samples to Chemtech-Ford Labs

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Instructions for Sampling

Instructions for sampling microbiological, inorganics, organics, lead and copper, THMs and HAA samples.  Includes re-sampling after a positive bacterial result.