Chemtech-Ford Participates in Beta Test for New EPA Drinking Water Database

The EPA at the national level determined to update the current version of the national Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) during the 4th quarter of 2016.  The state of Utah was selected to participate as a beta site because the Utah Division of Drinking Water had been diligent in recording compliance data at the state level in the previous version of SDWIS.  The Utah Division of Drinking Water requested that Chemtech-Ford be included in the beta test because Chemtech currently transfers the largest share of all of the Utah SDWIS data from our laboratory database.

The new version of SDWIS utilizes a data portal into which Chemtech has successfully uploaded water quality data.   The process involves extracting the data from the Chemtech-Ford database in a defined field size and order and then converting it to XML format.  The XML file is then uploaded to the data portal for examination.  The portal examines the data for various required elements. If all elements are present, it allows the State to upload to the national database.

The new process is scheduled for implementation on October 1, 2016.